Senior Art Showing: Until Dawn

Senior Art Showing: Until Dawn


I really have to give it to the senior class they have produced some really great artwork. I thought the custom Skateboard design of the little dog was very cool. I wanted to request my own; the design was done really well. I liked how the dog was placed on a light background and the squares were multicolored and came from both ends. Thanks to the design it didn’t seem to overwhelm the dog, with the extra amount of extra color. David Alvarado did a really good job with the salsa design, he seems to have gift with designs. I couldn’t stop thinking about the end of the world designs, because of how the world supposed to end in 2012 by the Mayans standards. I think Amanda Mitchell’s idea could go a long way, since it seems like the end of the world is all people talk about. I would defiantly have a drink of the Four Horsemen. The wine art was little weird I didn’t quite get it, but I thought the design was still very interesting. Having big animals with the word Hint, but once I read the description I got it. Drink this wine when you eat this kind of animal, creative. The art show was very small and seemed to have most the designs in little booklets, but I didn’t mind it as much, compared to Swoons showing which was so packed I couldn’t really breath. I really think the graduating seniors have a good chance out in the career field everything I saw was really good.Image